Flat Rate Repair service for inset LED fixtures

We’re offering customers fixed pricing to refurbish their old LED fixtures if the top cover is in good condition. The Flat Rate Repair program applies to all standard inset LED fixtures manufactured in our Columbus, Ohio, plant.

When an inset LED fixture is returned, the top cover is cleaned and sandblasted. The fixture is rebuilt using all the latest product updates to meet industry standard requirements, including photometrics. The fixture will be given a new serial number, a new part number indicating the fixture has been refurbished, and a new label. Everything is new except for the top cover.

Why send fixtures to ADB SAFEGATE for repair?
It’s more cost-effective for an airport to have us refurbish old fixtures than to buy spare components and attempt to refurbish the fixture themselves. The fixtures will be built to meet current industry standards, and we will conduct both photometric and leak tests on all fixtures. Instead of stocking large quantities of spares, the airport can keep refurbished fixtures on the shelf, providing a faster response time during emergencies.

Repair warranty

If a product has been repaired by ADB SAFEGATE’S Technical Service and fails within six (6) months after such repair, ADB SAFEGATE’s Technical Service will repair the failure free of charge. However, such free repair does not apply to a product that has been subjected to misuse, abuse, and unauthorized repair.

Evaluation fee

There is an evaluation/labor fee for all out-of-warranty items returned to be repaired. The customer shall receive a quote for repairs before anything is charged to a purchase order or credit card. Upon completion of the evaluation of the unit, ADB SAFEGATE’s Technical Service shall provide the customer with a quote for repairs.

Expedited repair services

Expedited repair service is available for in-warranty and out-of-warranty items. An expedited repair is typically evaluated within two business days and a quote is then provided to the customer

Shipping procedure

Proper handling, packaging, and shipping of products allow for quick processing of your request and helps ensure product quality. To save handling time, address the product directly to the Technical Service Department.

Please include the Incident Number on your return for identification purposes. The numbers should be visible on the package. Shipping without this number could delay processing.