LINC 360: New communication platform kick-starts digitalization of airfield operations 

LINC 360 is ADB SAFEGATE’s most high-performing powerline communication technology. LINC 360 goes beyond classical individual lights control and monitoring systems. It offers a 360-degree, real-time view of the airfield. Besides delivering precise control of individual fixtures, LINC 360 is the communication infrastructure for true two-way data transmittal. By enabling true communication between different airfield assets, LINC 360 boosts situational awareness. Not only does it retrieve the status of individual fixtures, but it also has the data capacity to interface with sensors or transmit larger payloads downstream. Learn more by exploring our LINC 360 Interactive Product Hub below. 

Optimize your airport’s efficiency by implementing routing systems that boost aircraft movements safely. LINC 360 is approved to be the backbone of an (Advanced-) Surface Movement Guidance and Control System. Increase your airport’s safety by automating hot spots management and implementing runway status lights as an automatic advisory safety system to reduce runway incursions.

With LINC 360, an airfield lighting system requires less cable and less digging, which reduces the installation cost and consequent inaccessibility. LINC 360 is designed to communicate on the existing airfield series circuits without the need for separate cabling.

LINC 360 monitors in real-time airfield ground lighting assets creating actionable insights for air traffic controllers and maintenance. Automate CATII/III monitoring with LINC 360 and implement a dynamic maintenance plan with minimal downtime thanks to light status and sensor data retrieved by LINC 360.

LINC 360 is comprised of a 19” rack-mounted LINC 360 Controller that picks up the powerline communication in the substation. The controller features an LCD touchscreen for direct status monitoring. It connects to an airfield ground lighting control system through its redundant ethernet ports. The controller hosts a web interface accessible through the same redundant ethernet ports allowing remote configuration and maintenance as well as retrieving communication statistics.

LINC 360 interfaces with sensors, fixtures, or other airfield assets in the field over power line communication. The newest generation of powerline communication offers up to 176 individual communication channels to cater to large installations while avoiding crosstalk. Communication quality is automatically optimized through dynamic settings and forward error corrections. Most types of LED lights with fail-open monitoring functionality can be integrated through the use of LINC 360 remotes.

LINC 360 goes beyond traditional ILCMS. With LINC 360, ADB SAFEGATE builds on the communication infrastructure of tomorrow.