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Tammi Phippen, Global Marketing

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Revolutionizing Lima Airport: ADB SAFEGATE delivers state-of-the-art airside technology for the future

In partnership with Inti Punku Consortium, ADB SAFEGATE is pleased to announce key upgrades to airport operational systems, airfield ground lighting, docking...

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport enhances digital cooperation with ADB SAFEGATE

Upgrading the Airport Operational Database/Resource Management System (AODB/RMS), ADB SAFEGATE works closely with Shanghai Pudong International Airport...

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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport enhances digital journey in partnership with ADB SAFEGATE

Leveraging innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions from ADB SAFEGATE, SHIA-operated airports will accurately predict Estimated...

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Fraport AG will future-proof apron operations at new Terminal 3 with technologies and solutions from ADB SAFEGATE

The latest technologies in advanced visual docking guidance and apron management will help deliver faster, safer and greener turnarounds at Frankfurt Airport.

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Go-live of new tower solution at Geneva Airport from Skyguide and ADB SAFEGATE

Seamless go-live of the new Advanced Runway Safety Improvement Iteration 2 Program (ARSI IT2) includes integration of Electronic Flight Strip System for...

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ADB SAFEGATE and Fraport AG announce strategic partnership at Airspace World 2023

On March 9, 2023, ADB SAFEGATE and Fraport AG announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) combining efforts to bring seamless integration between the...

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ADB SAFEGATE equips India’s new Navi Mumbai International Airport with cutting-edge Airfield 4.0 lighting technology for a vivid future

The airport is currently one of the largest greenfield projects in India and it will employ ADB SAFEGATE’s most advanced airfield lighting solutions to...

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Münster Osnabrück Airport receives lighting and runway upgrades by ADB SAFEGATE

Turnkey project delivers hundreds of new inset and elevated lights along with upgraded ground control technologies to the new runway at the German airport.

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ADB SAFEGATE introduces the Intelligent AiPRON making way for the next big performance gains for airports and airlines

New operational platform goes beyond digitalization to bring a holistic, intelligent and sustainable approach to managing apron activities from landing...

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ADB SAFEGATE to deliver turnkey airfield lighting solution to Western Sydney International Airport, Australia’s largest aviation industry project

Marking the largest airfield lighting contract in ADB SAFEGATE Australia’s history, the company is set to deliver its latest Airfield 4.0 technology to...

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