OPTAMOS - Departure Management System

Plan ahead for smooth Air Traffic Flow

OPTAMOS – as a part of ADB SAFEGATE Tower ATM package – is a tool for accurate planning of departure streams. The most advanced algorithms combined with a clear HMI provide a user with accurate and easy-to-handle software support. OPTAMOS derives its name from its main task – optimizing the take-off sequence and start-up times to establish the most economic traffic flow for departures.

Key Features

  • Full A-SMGCS integration to improve taxi time calculations: OPTAMOS continuously compares stored taxi times with the actual flight progress of taxiing aircraft, bringing more precise results and higher reliability
  • Easy and intuitive handling: The information provided to an ATCO is reduced to an absolute minimum. As a result, controllers will quickly accept the transition away from legacy planning procedures
  • Reduced costs for transition training


  • Improved predictability for departure times
  • Reduced emissions through control of the runway holding point queue length
  • Integration with other systems enables easy data sharing
  • Enhanced runway capacity
  • Can be easily adapted to local procedures
  • Based on the experience and continuous cooperation with a large number of active ATCOs from various sites, OPTAMOS is the number one tool for ATCOs

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