Together to power your airport performance from approach to departure. We bring nearly 70 years of experience in helping airports and airlines worldwide.

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New dimension to managing airport performance

Data Analytics for actionable insights on operational performance

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Making turnarounds faster and more predictable

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Keeping the airfield operational and safe

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Raising safety and throughput with smarter ATC systems

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Delivering the right service expertise to boost airport performance

Delivering the right expertise to boost airport performance

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Air traffic to double - again

Airport traffic has doubled every 15 years since the 1970s, and is expected to double again within the next 15 years. Globalization is shifting economic power to different geographies, with emerging markets powering aviation growth. Urbanization is bringing upward mobility within societies and fueling air travel, while privatization and deregulation are making air travel cheaper.

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Turn challenges into opportunities

Airports can do more with what they already have and we can help unlock the hidden potential for airport traffic expansion. There are ways to expand efficiency rather than expanding infrastructure. Our approach is to use a holistic view on airport operations to increase throughput.


Our six-step approach

Our operational approach analyzes an airport’s current situation and aims to create a future-proof solution that boosts aircraft movements safely and optimizes airport efficiency. We accelerate airport performance around efficiency, sustainability and safety, by analyzing, recommending and delivering the right mix of intelligent operational and technical solutions and services for the tower, airfield and gate.

Our approach 

Power your performance

If it is your ambition to expand to meet tomorrow's traffic demands in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, it is time to act today.
ADB SAFEGATE offers one of the most extensive product and service portfolios, where the gate, airfield and tower are the foundation for fully integrated solutions to support airport development and optimize operational procedures.