Let an experienced company handle your airport project from A to Z

Whether you have a project for the airfield, gate, tower or terminal – or one that spans the entire airport – let us take care of your project in a turnkey way, from beginning to end. Our proven record of completed turnkey projects – 200+ and counting – is your guarantee that your project is in skilled, reliable hands. By reducing the number of contractors working on your project, you decrease the chance of potential interface and communications issues. Our approach ensures the project is completed seamlessly, as originally designed, and within your planned budget.

We can support your turnkey project during the following phases: 

Consultancy, audits and site surveys

We can start supporting you even before the project starts, thanks to our Design & Consultancy Services, Audits and Site Surveys. Let’s discuss together the goals of your project and the available solutions to reach your objectives in the most effective, cost-conscious way. 


Once the solution has been identified, let our multi-disciplinary Design Team design the required solution based on all relevant standards (ICAO, FAA, and others as applicable). 

Design review

If you have decided to work with external consultants, our Design Team can review your design before execution. We are able to detect potential issues such as compliance to standards and then propose optimized solutions and value engineering opportunities. Learn more about our Design & Consultancy Services. 

Product delivery management

After the design is completed, the required products will be manufactured and delivered to you in line with the project phasing. All 3rd Party products required for project completion will be handled directly by ADB SAFEGATE in line with your project specifications and without worrying about coordinating the deliveries.

Systems & software engineering

Control Systems and Software Solutions will be designed based on requirements, and a factory acceptance test (FAT) will be performed in one of our manufacturing locations. After the FAT, the solution will be agreed upon by all parties and delivered to the site (if hardware is included).

Installation and on-site management 

Once the material is on-site, ADB SAFEGATE will install all materials and solutions’ hardware aligned to the project phases. We have a reliable network of experienced airport installation companies, and, in specific regions, we have our own installation teams. 

Depending on the project size, ADB SAFEGATE will also provide its PMO organization on-site. If you prefer to work with your own installation contractor, ADB SAFEGATE can propose Installation Supervision to ensure that everything is installed on-site as initially designed, following our best practice recommendations.


When the material is installed, and the hardware required for control and software solutions is ready, ADB SAFEGATE will send its Service Engineers and Systems Engineers team to perform Commissioning Services on equipment and systems. These services will include calibration, integration, testing and it will also cover site acceptance testing (SAT) at the very end of the project.


If required by the project, ADB SAFEGATE can provide special tests like Airside Photometrics or flight inspections with drones or calibration planes.


Before project end or project completion, ADB SAFEGATE’s Training Academy can train the relevant airport personnel (engineering, operations, maintenance) according to their corresponding functions.

Project management

All turnkey projects are managed by our Turnkey Project Management organization. Every turnkey project has its own team: a Program Manager, Project Managers, Site Managers, H&S, plus supporting roles depending on the project size and requirements. This team, which ensures that all processes run smoothly for the project duration, will be your sole point of contact during the project.