Faster, safer turnarounds

Intelligent AiPRON - the apron is where the action is
Intelligent AiPRON - the apron is where the action is

The apron is where the action is 

ADB SAFEGATE applies the latest automation, integration and digital technologies to manage today’s complex challenges on the apron, making way for the next big performance gains for airports and airlines.

Our intelligent, automated solutions help you: 

  • Ensure airside safety  
  • Shorten turnaround times to improve on-time performance 
  • Increase predictability of operations 
  • Use resources more effectively 
  • Maximize revenue and reduce operational costs 
  • Proactively manage environmental impact of apron operations 
  • Stay operational in all weather conditions 

Airside 4.0: Beyond digital. Intelligent. 

The Airside 4.0 concept by ADB SAFEGATE is a game-changer that empowers airports to achieve their goals by leveraging new and emerging technologies and has led to the development of the Intelligent AiPRON suite.

Our Intelligent AiPRON operational platform brings a holistic, intelligent approach to managing apron activities from landing to takeoff. We’ve integrated the systems and processes important to apron operations into a single ecosystem that uses machine learning technologies to optimize taxiing, docking and pushback procedures and improve the efficiency and elasticity of ground handling operations as a whole.  

The technology focuses on an augmented intelligence, human-centered operational model, to constantly analyze data in real-time to improve decision making, mitigate irregularities and create recommendations to stay on the critical path to on-time performance. 

Developed in close collaboration with our customers, our Intelligent AiPRON portfolio includes five add-on software modules that are easy to deploy via a unified web portal: 

AiPRON Manager (formerly SafeControl Apron Management) 
Collects and presents real-time intelligence for apron operational performance. 

AiPRON 360 
Smart solution to manage aircraft turnaround activities from landing to take off. 

AiPRON Resource 
AI-driven and KPI-focused stand and gate resource allocation solution. 

AiPRON Connect 
Integration solution for scheduling and tracking usage of ground service equipment. 

AiPRON Finance 
Apron-focused aeronautical revenue calculation and invoicing solution. 

The future of fully-automated aircraft docking moves a step closer 

Our Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) are a key part of the Intelligent AiPRON, ensuring safe, fast and precise aircraft parking every time, and acting as intelligent sensors to collect and distribute real-time gate intelligence and accurate flight information between stakeholders. 

Safedock X and Safedock FleX are the latest members of the ADB SAFEGATE family of proven and reliable A-VDGS deployed worldwide at hundreds of airports. Integration and clear information displays keep all personnel informed to help deliver on-time departures. 

The future-proof X platform is packed with innovation to bring the future of fully automated, tightly integrated and intelligent docking and apron management closer to reality. New surveillance technologies, modern display capabilities, advanced integration and unrivaled reliability combine to deliver faster, safer aircraft turnarounds under any weather condition.