AiPRON 360

AiPRON 360 is a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage aircraft turnaround activities from landing to takeoff. This holistic tool offers a true 360° view of the turnaround process and is flexible enough to be used by airports, airlines and ground handlers, who each have different priorities but ultimately one shared goal – to operate safely and on time.

AiPRON 360 uses an agnostic approach to data gathering leveraging a range of technologies – from computer vision or sensorization to machine learning or simple manual data entry – to predict events and create recommendations to mitigate irregularities and avoid disruptions. [func-read-more]

The system tracks the progress of turnaround activities and creates timestamps for the start and completion and reports milestones in support of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

  • Collects data from multiple sources to give stakeholders an accurate and real-time view of activities and statuses including AI-generated predicted off block time
  • Alerts when adherence to target off block time is at risk and presents solutions to avoid delay
  • Reacts to changes in resources and task progress indicators by responding in a timely manner
  • Uses machine learning to provide recommendations to improve turnaround planning
  • Intelligent turnaround management shortens the time aircraft are on the ground allowing airports to accommodate more flights with existing infrastructure and helping airlines improve aircraft utilization and the passenger experience.

    Our AiPRON 360 seamlessly integrates with existing Safedock A-VDGS solutions and AiPRON Manager solutions installed on more than 12,000 gates around the world, allowing airports and airlines to further capitalize on existing investments. AiPRON 360 can also be implemented where A-VDGS are not present.


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