SL-TE/SG-I - Taxiway Edge

Not recommended for new projects

An 8-inch omnidirectional blue LED-based light. It has a very low protrusion and no negative slope.

Key Features and Benefits

LED Source
The LED technology offers a long-lasting light source, low power consumption depending on the operation, a technology that is environmentally friendly and robust to vibration. By using SafeLED, the maintenance cost of light fittings and airport operation interruptions is dramatically reduced.
LED technology secures a future proof Airfield Lighting (AFL) investment and removes the uncertainty of the proposed international phase-out regulations for the traditional incandescent lamps.

Compact Design
The fitting has a low projection height of 10 mm (<1/2") omnidirectional, without any negative slope in front of the prism. This gives the same performance in dry and rainy conditions. The 6.6A version is designed to fit into shallow 100 mm bases. The VAC version is designed to fit into the deeper 134 mm bases.

SafeLED is designed for use in harsh environments. The electronic components are encapsulated in waterproof polyurethane, well protected from wear and tear. Castings are anodized and fixings are stainless steel. The component life cycle is dramatically extended and its operational lifespan is greatly increased. There is also an inbuilt over-voltage surge and lightning protection.

Mixed Circuit Compatibility
Compatible with incandescent halogen lights on CCR circuits (6.6A). The LED fitting follows the same light intensity curve as a halogen lamp. This allows mixed circuits with halogen and LED fittings. There is no need for updating previously installed AFL infrastructure when installing SafeLED.

CCR Compatibility
The SafeLED reacts as a halogen lamp with a resistive load profile. When turning on a Constant Current Regulator (CCR), the CCR does not trip as the current does not fluctuate with SafeLED technology.


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