Intelligent Airfield

Count on ADB SAFEGATE to keep the world’s airfields safe, efficient and available.

Our intelligent airfield solutions focus on the digitalization and interconnectivity of hardware and systems to bring information to stakeholders in a usable and portable way. By developing intelligent devices with added data gathering capabilities, and increasing the bandwidth for two-way communication, we’re bringing data-driven, collaborative decision-making to life.

How an intelligent airfield empowers the Airside 4.0 evolution

Empowering airports with our intelligent airfield, delivering a smarter, more interconnected airside that will allow airports to increase airside availability, improve operational efficiencies, and uncover advanced maintenance strategies.

What the intelligent airfield can do for you 

  • Real-time insights to improve situational awareness: displaying real-time information to stakeholders will provide an accurate picture of operations and support decision-making on prioritizing operations schedules. 
  • Historical trend analysis to help improve operational processes: analyzing data gathered over weeks and months, even past data from previous years, will reveal trends and bottlenecks that can be addressed at a fundamental level by changes in procedures. 
  • Predictive analytics to highlight arising issues: continuously monitoring and analyzing airport operations enables analytics systems to raise alerts about arising issues, often hours before they are expected to occur, allowing stakeholders to solve issues before they affect operations. 
  • Prescriptive analytics to suggest actions to improve efficiency: using artificial intelligence, analytics will predict forthcoming issues in advance and offer the best solution to overcome them and maintain the highest operational efficiency. 

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Together with the intelligent AiPRON and our smart Air Traffic Control (ATC) solutions, the intelligent airfield solutions are empowering the Airside 4.0 evolution.