SafeControl - Airfield Lighting Control System

The SafeControl-ALCMS system is computer-based with very low life-cycle costs. The configuration is supported by tools that ensure quick and safe change management.

An easy to operate ALCMS Tower Display is essential for ATCO. Using finger touch technology in the SafeControl – ALCMS system, the operators can manage advanced airfield lighting features quickly and accurately. All airfield lighting is controlled and the real-time status is displayed on the geographical map, giving the user a full overview.

The ALCMS can integrate with other tower systems like the surveillance system to show the ground radar tracks. Combined into an SMAN Routing-Guidance function, the system provides “Follow the Greens” for efficient streamlining of aircraft movements on the ground.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Touch monitor provides quick and accurate handling
• Controls are conveniently arranged for maximum safety and usability
• Real-time status is displayed on a geographical map to provide user with full overview }} customizable to customer needs
• Modular software design for maximum flexibility
• Integrates seamlessly with existing systems, such as surveillance systems
• Enables greater integration possibilities with future systems
• A-SMGCS “Follow the Greens” possibility using airfield lighting guidance
• Maximized throughput independent of weather conditions


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