Design services

Design scope

ADB SAFEGATE is one of the market leaders in providing technical solutions and services for the tower, airfield, and gate. Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of airport operations, ADB SAFEGATE’s wide-ranging design services cover from airfield and heliport design to apron and airside civil infrastructure design.

Existing situation drawing

Our experience suggests that most airports aren’t aware of what their airside installations include, nor the exact location or connections of each item. The information they do have is often imprecise and outdated.

ADB SAFEGATE has developed numerous CAD procedures and tools to prepare airside existing situation drawings. These graphics give valuable insight into data such as each element's identification number, the circuit from which it is powered, communication data, product model, associated duct bank or utility hole, etc. The input information required to prepare these drawings can either be provided by the airport or be gathered by ADB SAFEGATE via our certified site surveying team.
Design reviews and value engineering studies

Design reviews and value engineering studies

A basic but essential requirement for any airside design is to comply with the applicable national and/or international standards. Thanks to our extensive global airside design experience and involvement with aviation regulatory bodies, we have the knowledge of necessary regulations and the rationale behind them.

When reviewing airside designs produced by others for non-compliance, it is regrettably common to encounter designs that have overlooked significant cost reduction possibilities that affect neither compliancy nor quality of the resulting installation. Over-dimensioned power equipment, unnecessarily long cable routes and use of outdated products/systems, are just some of the issues that ADB SAFEGATE detects and quantifies when completing value engineering studies.

Tender designs and preliminary designs

To ensure regulatory compliance, our airside designers consider the unique aspects of an airport to define the airside layout drawings, technical product and work specifications. For projects at live airports, the team also acknowledges the need for operations to continue with minimum disruption. Preliminary designs are independent of equipment suppliers, systems, and services, providing enough detail for precise project budgeting and a detailed understanding of the included airfield infrastructure improvements.

Detailed designs & issued-for-construction designs

All final details are defined during this design stage while focusing on the highest quality standards. We understand that going the extra mile during this design stage helps to ensure smooth progress and avoid significant disruptions and unexpected costs during the execution stage.

Our expert airside designers prepare the installation and construction detail drawings, keeping previously gathered project-specific data close at hand, such as structural needs and environmental conditions. These detailed or IFC designs are dependent on the equipment and system suppliers.

As the risk involved in such projects is considerably lower, ADB SAFEGATE can offer a more compelling and competitive price for its equipment, systems, and services if our design and consulting team has prepared the project designs.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) services

The future is now for airside design in BIM. Using powerful BIM design software and tools, we develop BIM models for airside projects making the most of the immense possibilities this 3D design process offers. ADB SAFEGATE’s BIM personnel are specialized in applying this intelligent planning, designing and asset management process to airside designs.

Furthermore, don’t miss our open library of BIM objects. It contains LOD500 BIM objects with all relevant parameters of the products supplied by ADB SAFEGATE.

Works supervision and as-built documentation

The ADB SAFEGATE airside designers that have been involved in the issued-for-construction design also supervise the installation on-site, helping to ensure precise execution of the design by the construction teams.

Technical assistance during the installation/construction phase is highly appreciated by the airports as it helps to achieve the expected infrastructure quality. This assistance facilitates the future commissioning and handover process as well as its maintenance.

As part of this service, ADB SAFEGATE also prepares the as-built documentation and adapts the final approved design drawings to represent the actual situation in the field. Based on our experience, having realistic as-built drawings is one of the key elements to achieving any future project’s smooth and cost-effective progress.