Smart software powers seamless traffic flow

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Ensure safety from touchdown to gate and back into the air

  • Handle traffic safely in all kinds of weather

  • Allow for better flow of traffic during busy hours

  • Keep track of flight progress

  • Allow for effective planning

From green skies initiatives to handling ever-evolving challenges in air traffic or weather, the tower must always be in control, maintaining safe and efficient throughput, no matter the situation.

Our integrated tower software brings all the information controllers need onto one screen, enabling full control over aircraft and ground vehicle movement for safe, seamless routing and guidance from approach to departure.

The OneControl platform uses a service-oriented architecture that provides a modular approach to traffic management solutions. A variety of services, e.g. surveillance, flight plan and progress, apron and airfield ground lighting data, can be enabled on demand to guarantee the best user experience and facilitate a scalable and future-proof investment for airports of any size.

With more systemized aircraft movements, the impact on the environment can be radically decreased. Fewer aircraft waiting in line for a gate or departure slot reduce aircraft fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Prepare the tower for future opportunities

ADB SAFEGATE has a portfolio that enables a fully integrated tower, i.e. one solution that includes A-SMGCS, E-STRIPS, INFO System, DMAN, radar systems, AGL, system integration, consulting and third-party systems.