ADB SAFEGATE introduces the Intelligent AiPRON making way for the next big performance gains for airports and airlines

Brussels, Belgium
February 1, 2023

New operational platform goes beyond digitalization to bring a holistic, intelligent and sustainable approach to managing apron activities from landing to takeoff

ADB SAFEGATE, the leader in automating the aircraft docking and turn process, has launched the Intelligent AiPRON, an innovative platform for managing airport apron operations in the face of today’s challenges. The holistic, intelligent approach utilizes machine learning technologies to provide better predictability of operations and bring the elasticity required to ensure a consistent level of safety, productivity, efficiency, and passenger experience despite sudden market changes. ADB SAFEGATE will introduce the new offering at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, March 14-16.

“ADB SAFEGATE is continually innovating to provide new ways for airports and airlines to optimize operations that will ultimately automate the entire docking and turnaround process,” said Thorben Burghardt, VP Gate at ADB SAFEGATE. “With Intelligent AiPRON we are taking the natural next step by integrating all the systems and processes important to apron operations into a single ecosystem that uses the latest technologies to optimize taxiing, docking and pushback procedures and improve the efficiency and elasticity of ground handling operations as a whole.”

“The new platform seamlessly integrates with our Safedock advanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS) and AiPRON Manager solutions installed on more than 12,000 gates around the world, allowing airports and airlines to further capitalize on existing investments. It can also be implemented where A-VDGS are not present yet,” adds Burghardt.

The Intelligent AiPRON portfolio includes five add-on software modules that are easy to deploy via a unified web portal. “Development of the software is always ongoing, and we are collaborating closely with our customers to ensure we are investing in the right areas,” Burghardt explains.

AiPRON Manager (formerly known as SafeControl Apron Management)
Collects and presents real-time intelligence for apron operational performance.

AiPRON 360
Smart solution to manage aircraft turnaround activities from landing to take off.

AiPRON Resource
AI-driven and KPI-focused stand and gate resource allocation solution.

AiPRON Connect
Integration solution for scheduling and tracking usage of ground service equipment.

AiPRON Finance
Apron-focused aeronautical revenue calculation and invoicing solution.

Intelligent AiPRON is founded on the concept of Augmented Intelligence, a subsection of AI machine learning, designed to assist and improve human decision making with more thorough analysis of information and data collected. “Essentially, it is not good enough to tell the user there is going to be a problem, AiPRON constantly analyzes the data in real time and creates recommendations on how to improve the turnaround process or mitigate any foreseeable irregularities to stay on top of on-time performance,” adds Ilya Burkin, ADB SAFEGATE’s Business Development Director APRON Solutions.

During Passenger Terminal Expo 2023 in Amsterdam, Burkin will present on the advantages of an intelligent apron, along with Michael Youngs, Vice President Information Technology, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Live demonstrations of the Intelligent AiPRON will be available at PTE by visiting ADB SAFEGATE in stand #1218.