Integrated solutions connect the entire airport

Let the interactive airport guide you to integrated solutions and increased airport performance

By letting all parts of your airport work together as one unit we help you unlock your hidden potential for airport traffic expansion. With our leading solutions for gate, airfield, tower and service, connecting the entire airport, you are supported for more and safer aircraft movements.

The interactive airport map will guide you to explore how integrated airport solutions can help add value in a number of crucial areas on the airport.

Click on the figures on the map to find out more about how our solutions for gate, airfield, tower and service can be integrated to help increase efficiency and safety at your airport: 

  1. Reduce your taxi time with follow the greens

  2. Know your aircraft position at all times

  3. Optimize your turnaround efficiency

  4. Improve your ATCO working environment

  5. Systemize your operational awareness

  6. Turn your operational plans into reality

  7. Minimize risk of runway incursions

  8. Maximize runway and taxiway availability