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RELIANCE Control Systems for the ICAO Market

Our RELIANCE Airfield Lighting Control System (ALCS) is used to control and monitor all Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) equipment installed on the airfield and supports the efficient and safe maneuvering of all ground traffic at an airfield. This is typically achieved by using a series of computers and Programmable Logical Controllers (PLCs) that transfer the ATC operator’s commands to the various devices in the field, monitor their status and provide the appropriate feedback to the operator and maintenance staff. The ADB SAFEGATE RELIANCE ALCS product family for regional and international hub airports ranges from simple to most complex systems with server-based architecture, enabling selection and specific adaptation of AGL control features for all sizes and levels of complexity; also allowing for integration with other airport systems.

The RELIANCE family of control systems comprises:


RELIANCE Custom provides the most flexible functionality that allow an airport to tailor and integrate the system with any other tower systems. With RELIANCE Custom there is no limitation for the airport. The airport can use the system to support any operational concept that will provide the best integrated solution for safety and efficiency for the airport operations.

On top of the functionality in the RELIANCE Enhanced, then RELIANCE Custom also provides Floating routing-guidance (also called Follow the Greens or just FTG). The standard ASTERIX interface provides Radar Tracks with flight destination (gate or runway) information that are used to automatic assign the best routes and automatic control the taxiway light, while prioritizing traffic and avoiding conflicts. If the aircraft does not comply to the cleared taxi routes (route deviations, infringements or over-run) alerts are provided to the controller handling the aircraft.

The RELIANCE Customs can provide all type of open interfaces that allow exchange of data between tower system via both standard and tailored protocols. The RELIANCE Customs allow for any further functional adaptions to existing or new applications and the ADB SAFEGATE development process fully supports the airports while developing the concepts and while constructing and proving the operational Safety Case.

RELIANCE Custom can also be integrated with any other airport systems like Statistical Analysis tools, Billing systems, Asset management Systems, Operational Databases and more, typical to further capitalize and streamline the system with other operational systems.


RELIANCE Enhanced provides the most advanced functionality in a Standalone ALCS and it is tailored to support larger airports with complex layout and busy peak operations typical involving multiple ATC controller positions in tower

RELIANCE Enhanced supports the ATC operational “Area of Responsibility” Concept and have individual views and control that are specialized to support the individual needs of Runway Controllers, Taxiway Controllers, Supervisors and other specialized ATC users. The HMI provide multi-layered information upon user request, multiple floating map windows. The maps provide easy pinch-zoom allowing the users to customize the geographical overview maps to display exact the details that fit the operational needs.

RELIANCE Enhanced support advanced functions like displaying Radar Tracks on the HMI’s provided via standard ASTERIX interfaces. The system provides an easy on-the-fly Routing-Guidance function to manual control routes. Further a Surface Manager function, can automatic or semi-automatic calculate the optimized route for the aircrafts, considering constraints like Airfield Lighting Errors and Operational Constraints like Closures, Wing Span Limitations, Landing Directions, Preferred Flows and wanted benefits (fuel burn, reduced taxi time etc.). ATC can easily add Operational Closed Areas via the build-in Ad Hoc Drawing tool.

RELIANCE Enhanced supports a detailed transferring of airfield equipment between operational and maintenance state with fully notification to ATC who can locate the equipment on the map, accept or postpone the request due to operational needs. The Alarm system for ATC allow operational limits that are different from the limits for maintenance, thus allowing electrical works on smaller segments or even interleaved circuits without greater operational impact. The Alarm system uses advanced techniques to filter and minimize alarms that has no current operational impact, thus providing ATC with only a minimum alarm set, while maintenance will have full options to see and rectify failures in due time. The RELIANCE Enhanced provides all the help that is needed to maintain a busy airport that operate 24/7.

The system is designed to run with ADB SAFEGATE ILCMS providing fine grained taxiway segment control supporting routing and guidance, which also are available for 3rd party A-SMGCS systems.

RELIANCE Enhanced can scale to any size and are fully monitored, are fully redundant in substation controllers, allow two separate networks for redundancy, uses hot redundant server functionality and redundant gateways to external systems. The setup provides the highest reliability and 99.999 % operational availability at all time.


RELIANCE Standard is the functional offering for a standalone ALCS that would match a majority of airports, providing high functional quality, while still being affordable. A standard system is scalable to a large extend, from single to many substations and with up to 5 HMI workstations for ATC and Maintenance. The system uses high quality industrial components to increase availability, however without requiring redundant components.

Many operational function are included to minimize ATC workload. Airfield Lighting is easily controlled via presets for Day/Twilight/Night and Visibility conditions, standard Taxiway Routes are easily lighted, and the Airfield Lighting Operational Status are easily visible on the Graphical representation and the operational Alarm List View. Lots of maintenance functions are included. Fault finding are made easy via technical alarm windows and supporting hierarchical structured views. Searches and statistics are supported via included databases that stores all events and alarms, and Airfield Lighting systems can easily be transferred between operational and maintenance state to minimize operational impact when field repairs are needed.

The system supports the full portfolio of ADB SAFEGATE Airfield Lighting and can incorporate any other existing AGL equipment installed. All ADB SAFEGATE ILCMS Equipment are supported to allow Stop bar and Lead On operations or for monitoring Runway lighting for compliancy against ICAO maintenance objectives for CAT II/III operations.

The system allows a flexible use of both PLCs and industrial computers in the substations and standard computers for operational HMI for ATC and Maintenance. The network consists of a fiber ring network with monitored network equipment.


RELIANCE Compact is the most economical standalone ALCS package available. The system is made with as few components as possible allowing an easy deployment by the airport itself or a local installer. The target are heliports or smaller single runway airports using mainly CCRs and Circuit Selectors for control of Airfield Lighting.

The single Operational HMI in Tower provides a simplistic schematic overview picture of the airport combined with individual intensity control of the Airfield Lighting and a page with the actual technical alarm lists for fault finding.

In the substation the system is typical realized by PLCs or Industrial Computers and for operational and maintenance HMIs standard computers are used. The Airport/Installer can provide the network between the Substation(s) and the HMI computers.


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