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About ADB SAFEGATE Airport Management Systems

About ADB SAFEGATE Airport Management Systems

From synchronizing and managing airport processes and resources, to sharing vast volumes of data for all stakeholders, our smart terminal systems help manage operations with ease. Available as a cloud subscription service, our software is quick to set up, and can scale. 

Stakeholders benefit from: 

  • Greater operational resilience by proactively managing processes to reduce disruptions 
  • More predictable and powerful ways to optimize operational efficiency thanks to better situational awareness, aiding better and faster real-time decision making 
  • Improved throughput and traffic handling capacity as resources are optimized and used to their fullest potential 
  • Reduced operational costs 

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Operational Database (AODB) 

Facing challenges in terms of growth, environmental impact, security and safety, airports need to optimize and increase capacity to succeed. Holding all information in one place is invaluable for key stakeholders and improving operations. The ADB SAFEGATE AODB is a single repository of accurate information that an airport can trust to run its business. It brings airports a step closer to achieving the A-CDM vision and moving an airport into Airport 4.0. 

ADB SAFEGATE Flight Information Display System (FIDS) 

In the always-on age, airports must understand and adapt to new ways visual media is consumed. ADB SAFEGATE FIDS simplifies visual media management and goes beyond flight information display. It allows a variety of additional content - advertising, retail information, security alerts, weather information, full HD video, website feeds, boarding and terminal information, directions/way finding and immigration/security lane. 

The newest release of ADB SAFEGATE’s FIDS comes with a host of new digital signage features that make dynamic and efficient dissemination of time-critical flight, regulatory and public service information easier and faster. 

ADB SAFEGATE Resource Management System (RMS) 

ADB SAFEGATE’s RMS is a powerful suite of solutions that allows airports to get more out of what they have. With its comprehensive planning capabilities and built-in flexibility, the suite comprises nine modules that maximize resource utilization across the full spectrum of scenario planning and simulation. 

Multi-airport Airport Operations Systems (AOS) deployments elevate airport operations 

Traditionally, an owner or operator of an airport network would have installed a stand-alone AOS at each and every airport to enable effective and efficient flight turnaround operations. That is now in the past. 

Download the white paper to learn more about a truly multi-airport capable AOS which means that multiple airports throughout an entire network can all be managed from a single multi-airport AOS deployment and elevate the entire airport operations ecosystem.  

Download the white paper to learn more about a truly multi-airport capable AOS which means that multiple airports throughout an entire network can all be managed from a single multi-airport AOS deployment, and elevate the entire airport operations ecosystem.