Resource Management System (RMS)

Resource optimization is not just a buzzword for the aviation industry, it’s a much-needed philosophy in a sector where operational complexity, time and cost constraints call for getting more out of existing resources.

Deployed in many airports worldwide, the ADB SAFEGATE’S RMS is a mature, robust and proven suite of solutions that allows users to manage and plan all aspects of current, strategic and seasonal flight schedules.

Solution Overview 

Our RMS is a powerful suite of solutions that allows your airport to get more out what you have. With its comprehensive planning capabilities and built-in flexibility, the suite helps maximize resource utilization across the full spectrum of scenario planning.


The suite provides the flexibility for fixed airport resources, such as departure gates, baggage carousels, check-in desks with the ability to manage mobile resources for ground handling from a configurable dashboard. It provides active notification for any rule violations that occur and then uses an automated decision support technology to resolve known issues.

The suite comprises nine modules specifically designed and targeted to deliver the maximum business benefit to airport operations: 

  • Stand Planner

  • Baggage Make-up Planner

  • Gate Planner

  • Baggage Reclaim Planner

  • Check-in Planner

  • Ground Services Planner

  • Rule-based Configuration Client

  • Slot Coordination – Handled via integration to external system (e.g., PDC Score)

  • Resource Layout Client


  • Offers the full spectrum of planning scenarios

  • Strategic: scenario planning and ‘what-if’ analysis.

    Short-term: using an intelligent rule-base to plan the optimum allocation of resources for the airport prior to the day of operations.

    Real-time: monitoring and managing the efficient reallocation of resources on the day of operations in reaction to flight delays and other unforeseen events.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Windows graphical user interface (GUI) conventions, and the use of menu bars, drop down menus, self-explanatory controls, displays, and menu options.

  • Single logon and common interfaces across systems

  • Interfaces for administration, configuration and reporting are common across the management and database systems. Resource planners are integrated with AODB flight forms and grant access to detailed flight information.

  • Planning flexibility through multiple approaches including by template, Analogy and AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is provided through a set of business constraints and rules (The rule-base), which users can refine to meet current and changing needs

  • AI planning is useful for ad-hoc re-planning, for example, when a stand impairment is flagged to allow cleaning of a fuel spill the system will advise the planner on the best stand to reallocate to an arriving aircraft.

    Future planning, for example the next winter schedule, can be made to check for possible resource and capacity problems.

    Resource allocations and actual usage, including tows, are synchronized in the central database for improved CDM and distribution of accurate information to billing and other systems.

    Key Benefits

    • Optimizes resources across all types of scenarios, maximizes resource utilization and allows your airport to get more from what you already have.

    • By improving operational efficiency, your airport can enhance capacity and enjoy significant cost and time savings through fewer delays or disruptions.
    • Minimal technical and user training requirements translate to lower training and deployment costs.
    • Increased return on investment.
    • Improves customer loyalty by delivering on agreed service levels and reduced operational delays.
    • Allows you to plan ahead, reduce risks and make better business and operational decisions.
    • Decreased back-office administration through automatic data capture.

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