ITCF-L - Taxiway Centerline, Inset 8" and 12", LED, L-852A(L)/L-852B(L)/L-852C(L)/L-852D(L)/L-852J(L)/L-852K(L)

The ITCF-L LED Taxiway Centerline Light has an average LED life of 56,000 hours under high-intensity conditions and more than 150,000 hours under actual operating conditions, which significantly reduces ongoing maintenance costs and virtually eliminates runway shutdowns due to relamping. The ITCF-L operates on both 3-step and 5-step CCRs and can be powered with any CCR architecture type. When quartz-incandescent fixtures are replaced with LED fixtures, airport staff can add more lights without increasing CCR size. And, the LED fixtures offer longer maintenance intervals and require fewer spare parts, resulting in lower life cycle cost.


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