IN-OMH - FATO/TLOF Heliport, Halogen

Not recommended for new projects

An 8" medium-intensity omnidirectional inset light for heliport applications. Integrated with its base as one package.

Main Advantages
• Low power consumption.
• Low power consumption: only 50 Watts.
• Power Supply: 240 Vac (or 12 Vac) 50/60 Hz or 6,6 A.
• Lamp life greater than 4,000 hours.
• Low projection: 10 mm (<1/2").
• Small diameter: 215 mm.
• Shallow depth: 100 mm shallow base
• Excellent photometric performances obtained by the use of reflector lamps:
- Good luminous efficacy
- Identical lamp performances: Reflector being an integral part of the lamp, hence each time the lamp is changed there will be a new reflector
- High optical stability: No internal adjustment needed.


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