INL-RG - Runway Guard Light, Halogen

A 8'' unidirectional high-intensity light used as runway guard light and stop bar. It has low projection and excellent photometrics in combination with low power consumption. 

Main Advantages
• Low power consumption: 105 Watt
• Lamp life greater than 1,000 hours at 6.6 Amps.
• Low projection: 12.7 mm (1/2").
• Small diameter: 203 mm (8").
• Shallow depth: installation in 134 mm base (long cover).
• Excellent photometric performances obtained by the use of reflector lamps: better efficiency, identical lamp performance after re-lamping, high optical stability.
• Easy maintenance due to limited number of components.
• Non-sealed prism easy to replace.
• Valve for water-tightness test.
• Many parts common with other lights in the same range.
• Easy handling and transport due to small size and low weight.


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