How to check in

How to check in
How to check in

Our recruitment process 

Throughout our recruitment process, you get the chance to discover our company, learn about the open position, and get to know some of our colleagues. We do understand that this whole process might be a little daunting, even more so if you are taking your first steps in the corporate world. To help you along, we have gathered some tips and tricks for you! 

How to write a great resume 

Keep it simple, short and sweet

A recruiter needs to easily spot your experience and education in one look. Try to select the most important elements. Your personal accomplishments, tasks, and details? Let’s talk about those during our interview!​ 

Show us YOU

We value our employees as the diverse individuals they are. Try to stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine through! ​ 


When writing your resume, little spelling mistakes are easily made. Make sure you review (or let someone else review) the result afterwards to polish out any errors. 


How to ace that job interview  

Be prepared

Before interviewing, do some research on us. Reading this page is already a great start! It will give you an idea of our values, products, and careers and can help you link these back to your personal skills and experiences. ​

Know yourself

Take a good look at yourself before your interview: who are you, what personality traits are defining for you? How do these traits show in your actions? What could you do better and how are you working on it?​ 

Interview us back

A job interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you, but also the other way around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, now is your chance!​ 


Even though the interviewer represents the company, they are just people, trying to find a great new colleague. Try to have fun and make it a two-way conversation. 


Still have questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our HR team at [email protected]