Diversity at ADB SAFEGATE

“Our company is like an airport: a place where all kinds of people come together to get on the same flight”  

ADB SAFEGATE makes traveling around the world safer, faster and more efficient. But did you know that the world is represented inside our company as well? 

ADB SAFEGATE is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. With offices around the globe that are filled with passionate employees representing different nationalities, cultures, languages, and identities, we pride ourselves on being a colorful melting pot. 

At ADB SAFEGATE, we are committed to:  

  • Respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every individual.  
  • Welcome and celebrate various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, races, sexual identities, bodies, world views, and genders. 
  • Not tolerate discrimination against anyone, whether they be our employees or the many clients, suppliers, and consultants we work with.
  • Ensuring equitable pay practices across all genders. 

Diversity at ADB SAFEGATE