Our core values

Core values
Core values

At ADB SAFEGATE, our company culture is defined by the values that guide our actions and behaviour and how we interact with our colleagues, partners, customers, investors and society. Our culture and values set us apart from our competitors, and are integral to our success.

We have identified four values that help us make the right decisions as we pursue our business objectives while striving towards:

  • Employee Engagement, belonging, retention and wellbeing
  • Efficiency, productivity and problem solving
  • Greater customer, public and shareholder trust in our brand



  • We take care of our customers, our people and our partners
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority
  • We listen and do what’s needed when it’s needed


  • Our passion empowers us to succeed
  • Passion creates the environment for the ‘extra-mile’
  • Our company is based on the passion of our people and this is reflected in the excellent results we achieve


  • We set the vision and then we deliver on it 
  • Leadership in execution: We know how to execute and how to get things done
  • We involve our people and strive to get the best out of them


  • Quality flows through everything we do
  • Quality is a differentiator and the responsibility of everybody
  • We build our solutions in full respect of the quality requirements