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Driving smarter data-driven decision making

ADB SAFEGATE digitalizes the airfield to bring interconnectivity for next-level efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Airfield 4.0 harnesses smart technologies to revolutionize airfield operations and enable real-time, data-driven decision-making.

Airfield 4.0 Journey

CORTEX SAFE-r: New all-in-one RWSL system provides...

Runway incursions are known to be a significant risk to airport safety. The problem remains a critical safety issue at every airport and one of the major limiting factors of the airport’s capacity.

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New AXON LED inset lights a key building block for Airfield 4.0

New AXON EQ LED inset lights have built-in sensors to collect situational data and are equipped with integrated LINC 360 remotes, essential for creating two-way communication that allows for a more streamlined, predictive airport operations.

AXON EQ inset lights
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New LINC Node key element of Airfield 4.0

New LINC Node adds a second layer after LINC 360 to our connectivity strategy for Airfield 4.0. LINC Node provides an interface for airports to consult AGL device information from anywhere at any time on any internet-capable device.


LINC 360: New communication platform kick-starts digitalization...

LINC 360 is our most high-performing powerline communication technology. LINC 360 goes beyond classical individual lights control and monitoring systems.

LINC 360

Aviation Africa Summit & Exhibition 2022

ADB SAFEGATE will be exhibiting at the Aviation Africa Summit & Exhibition 2022 from 12 - 13 September in Kigali, Rwanda. Meet us at booth 19 and discover how we can work together to take airport operations to the next level.

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NZ Airports Hui 2022

Visit ADB SAFEATE’s booth at the NZ Airports Hui 2022 to learn how you can move from Airport Challenges to Airport Performance.

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CANEW 2022

Join ADB SAFEGATE at CANEW 2022 in Victoria, BC, September 25-30. CANEW is the single largest gathering of airport and airfield electrical industry personnel in Canada.

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Forward-thinking Munich Airport adopts cutting-edge technologies for new apron

Frank Wunderlich, VP of Central and Eastern Europe, ADB SAFEGATE, explains Munich Airport’s approach as a technology leader in adopting the newest and best technologies for the new apron.

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