AiPRON Manager

Together with ADB SAFEGATE’s Safedock A-VDGS, our web-based AiPRON Manager software is designed to support Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and a more elastic apron operation. It provides a platform to increase efficiency and situational awareness to all stakeholders involved in the aircraft turn through automation of the aircraft docking process and digitalization. AiPRON Manager can also provide monitoring and control of stands without Safedock A-VDGS for a holistic overview of the apron and traffic.

AiPRON Manager is the natural intelligent hub for controlling, merging, storing, analyzing and predicting for operational performance in an ever-changing environment. All operationally important data is collected in one view and presented in an understandable way, remotely or via a mobile device, allowing users to respond quickly when overseeing the operations. All of which equals faster, safer and more predictable turnarounds that boost the customer experience.

Web-based Architecture

A new architecture now offers a more flexible and adaptable system, both in terms of interfacing capabilities and the additional users who will benefit.

Our web-based AiPRON Manager provides situational awareness to all stakeholders involved in the aircraft turn, no matter if you are located in a control center, in a tower or on the ground. Users can interact with the system remotely or via a mobile or handheld device when overseeing the operations and turn around progress on the apron, to ensure on-time performance.

Turn Awareness and Real-time Management 

With a focus on progress tracking and streamlining the aircraft turnaround processes, airport and airline performance is enhanced through faster gate turns, reduced delays, accurate TOBT updates, and less congestion and increased productivity and cost-efficiency.

Traffic Situational Awareness

By offering a full view of aircraft movements, AiPRON Manager delivers a new level of situational awareness on the apron. Controllers and apron personnel benefit from early information on pending traffic to be managed at the gates, as well as a visual of taxiway and taxi lane traffic in real time. A better understanding of the complete traffic, stand operations equipment status and turn progress, allows better decisions and enables mitigation.

This overview of the complete maneuvering area, together with details on stand occupancy, equipment status, turnaround progress and more, is available anywhere in the airport – a valued information resource to AOCC´s (Airport Operation Control Center).

Interactions with the aircraft label will reveal an extended label with additional data such as aircraft type and assigned stand, as well as highlight the stand detail view on the map.

The information can be retrieved through integration with the OneControl Ground - Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) or alternatively via ADB SAFEGATE´s ADS-B receivers, offering a low-cost option for airports without A-SMGCS.


AiPRON Manager is the natural integrator that connects the Airport Operational Database (AODB), A-CDM and other systems and equipment on the apron to provide a real-time overview of gate status, stand availability, equipment status and turnaround progress.

The integrated system enables fully-automated docking of aircraft by our Safedock A-VDGS and allows users to manage apron operations on any device and from anywhere, using the A-VDGS camera view.

In an integrated set-up, the Safedock A-VDGS is used as a Ramp Information Display System (RIDS), to further improve communication. The system provides flight and ground crew with real-time data such as target off block times, countdown timers, equipment status or other information vital to the turn process and its stakeholders.

Gap Filler – A-SMGCS Sensor

AiPRON Manager supports surface surveillance by using the Safedock A-VDGS, located at each gate, as intelligent sensors to track the position of aircraft within the gate area on arrival and during pushback. Position details are automatically sent to the A-SMGCS, filling the gap and enhancing the value of the A-SGMCS solution. 

Features & Functions:

  • Enable fully-automated docking

  • Various safety features to ensure safe approach and pushbacks on the stands

  • Receive alerts to potential issues before an aircraft arrives

  • Update flight database with the latest gate/flight information

  • Automatically send actual block IN & OUT times to flight database (billing)

  • Share flight information with ground and flight crews through RIDS capability

  • Warn operators of weather events

  • Support specific LVO for aprons

  • Track and report the use of GSE

  • Track position of in/outbound aircraft within range of A-VDGS

  • Integrate with cameras for a live feed of gate areas

  • Produce valuable data that can be used to further improve performance

  • Gate statistics – Equipment and operational KPI´s dashboard


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