OneControl Ground - Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System

Get an overview of all ground movements

OneControl Ground – as a part of ADB SAFEGATE's OneControl Platform – is the key to reliable continuous service. OneControl Ground not only supports high traffic capacity, it can also significantly increase the safety level at any airport under all weather conditions. The number of runway incursions, near collisions and similar unwanted situations can be significantly reduced when using OneControl Ground as your A-SMGCS.

Key Features

  • Open and modular architecture
  • Extensive HMI, configurable at the controller working position (CWP) on a per-user and per-role basis
  • Collaborative labeling - manually assigned labels are immediately visible on all CWPs
  • Extensive logging and statistics of all activities
  • Statistic functions are available enabling evaluation and optimization
  • Data archive and replay functions
  • HMI can be configured to meet the specific needs of any airport situation
  • Easy-to-edit airport maps with own map editor
  • EUROCAE ED-87 compliant with dedicated sensor analysis and evaluation tool chain


  • Increased capacity and enhanced safety
  • Capacity and safety can be maintained under all weather conditions
  • Enhanced efficiency and safety when integrated with an OneControl E-Strips
  • Easily expandable to meet and support future requirements and procedures

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