AiPRON Connect

AiPRON Connect is the data broker for all equipment used to service an aircraft. It integrates ground service equipment (GSE) such as passenger boarding bridges, pre-conditioned air, ground power units, flood lighting and many others to schedule and monitor their usage, while collecting data for operational analysis and aeronautical billing. [func-read-more]

AiPRON Connect consumes and normalizes data from IoT gateways and sensors on fixed and mobile equipment making it available to other Intelligent AiPRON applications. Datapoints are used for turnaround management, trending and technical monitoring of all equipment, as well as evaluation of KPIs. When combined with AiPRON Finance, the system enables automatic calculation of customer charges and dynamic billing.

AiPRON Connect is also a gateway between the stand, GSE and AiPRON Manager. Using the Safedock A-VDGS as intelligent sensors at the gate, the system collects and distributes real-time gate intelligence and accurate flight information between airport, airline, ground handler and air traffic control systems. Matching data from the flight information system with real-time gate/stand status and monitoring capabilities, leads to minimized disturbances, interruptions or incidents at the apron and gate area.

Through enhanced integration and data sharing capabilities, AiPRON Connect increases safety, efficiency and productivity to:

  • Shorten turnaround times
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce damage risks
  • Enable prediction analysis and more effective planning

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