AiPRON Finance

AiPRON Finance is an apron-focused aeronautical charge calculation solution that uses predictive analytics to enable operational planning based on financial forecast while keeping a close watch over the cost of operations in real time.

AiPRON Finance transforms revenue management capabilities through dynamic pricing and invoicing. Efficient, timely, accurate billing improves cash flow and helps foster amicable business relationships with key partners in an era where there is intense competition.

This integrated revenue management tool is fully configurable, allowing users to create multiple and diverse charging models incorporating different incentives schemes in real time. This gives airports and airlines the ability to plan operations with a focus on commercial viability of all activities.

  • Provides a detailed and real-time cost of apron operations

  • Allows precise calculation of GSE usage*

  • Reduces invoicing disputes via the integrity of the data.

  • Helps sustain business relationships, growth and profitability

*Together with AiPRON Manager and AiPRON Connect.


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