AiPRON Resource

Developed in collaboration with experts from some of the world’s busiest airports, AiPRON Resource allows airports and airlines to plan, control and optimize the use of expensive and in-demand assets such as aircraft parking stands and gates. What sets AiPRON Resource apart from traditional resource management systems, are its closed-loop optimization algorithms which utilize machine learning to analyze the operational environment in real-time and improve resource usage accordingly.

  • Provides seamless integration of data across technologies to meet operational changes in real time
  • Offers the full spectrum of planning scenarios
  • Ability to manage stands and gates as well apron vehicles, towing and ground support equipment
  • Evaluates changes/disruptions and automatically integrates resolutions into tactical planning
  • Enables KPI-focused resource planning

The cloud-based solution is quick and easy to employ and scalable for continuous growth and sustainable capacity management. Predictive and prescriptive analytics enable airport operators to forecast the impact of infrastructure improvement or maintenance works on capacity, enhancing both operational and commercial decision-making.

With AiPRON 360, AiPRON Resource and AiPRON Connect on the same platform they can work together to enable an unprecedented level of control and optimization of apron operations. From seasonal planning to daily and weekly scheduling to predictions for taxi time and in-block/off-block operations – airports and airlines can truly benefit from the augmented intelligence provided by the platform.


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