ADB SAFEGATE launches Digital Apron Vision 2025 to help airports safely meet future traffic growth

Munich, Germany
October 7, 2019

Connectivity, analytics and machine learning will unleash the power of data and boost airport efficiency to new levels  

At inter airport Europe 2019, ADB SAFEGATE will show how airports can transform their performance by integrating and unleashing the power of data. Today’s airports generate vast amounts of data, but too often it is locked up in silos with little chance of being used to benefit the airport as a whole. ADB SAFEGATE is bringing together the solutions and partners that will help airports build a more efficient future, one in which intelligent integration and automation will create smarter, more tightly integrated airport processes and systems.  

Introducing greater automation and integration between airside and landside systems will enable data sharing for management of resources such as baggage handling, catering, landside gate management and more. This future vison of the integrated airport lies at the heart of ‘Digital Apron Vision 2025’, aiming at a connected apron to achieve faster turnround, more efficient use of apron space and safer, incident-free operations.

ADB SAFEGATE has many of the Digital Apron building blocks already in place to achieve efficient, safe and sustainable, all-weather operations.

One of these is AS-Vision, which allows airport and airline staff to view data relevant to their functional roles on any mobile device and manage airport performance on the move. Airports can grant access rights to this data based on the functional roles of airport and airline staff.

Another major new piece of the Digital Apron Vision 2025 launched at inter airport is OneControl MLAT, part of ADB SAFEGATE's OneControl solution for airports. Offering both approach and ground surveillance, OneControl MLAT can be fully integrated with the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS). The system is easily expandable and can be adapted to layout changes by adding or removing independent remote units.

ADB SAFEGATE is developing data sharing capabilities that will give airports increasingly powerful ways to optimize operational efficiency and improve their traffic handling capacity:

  • Real-time insights – displaying real-time information for a true picture of operations and to support decision-making
  • Machine learning to find trends - analyzing past data to make better predictions and improve operations
  • Predictive analytics to highlight issues - continuously monitoring and analyzing airport operations to raise alerts about issues before they occur
  • Prescriptive analytics enabled by AI - AI will support decision-making, suggesting actions to return to normal operations as quickly as possible following an incident
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications will support completely autonomous vehicles, tenders and baggage carts. In the future, fully automated apron, robots and autonomous vehicles will deliver baggage, fuel aircraft, clear debris and perform a wide range of other tasks

Existing solutions are getting an upgrade to help realize the Digital Apron vision. ADB SAFEGATE SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) has a new web- and mobile-friendly user interface, which runs smoothly in a browser and on any mobile device. SAM can now handle up to 1,000 gates and more than 100 web clients across smartphone, tablets and workstations.

ADB SAFEGATE’s latest generation Safedock A-VDGS products now include a mobile operator panel. This acts like a turn manager, tracking all activities of the aircraft turn. It creates timestamps for the start and completion of each activity and sends this data automatically to other airport systems, via sensors, video and image recognition.

Airfield lighting has a major role to play on the integrated airfield and inter airport will shine a light on ADB SAFEGATE’s latest products in its RELIANCE range of AGL solutions. These include the RELIANCE Red/Green taxiway centerline light, which switches between red and green, and combines the functions of a taxiway centerline light and a stop bar. Eliminating the need for taxiway intersection stop bars, the light supports safe routing and guidance.

See ADB SAFEGATE’s vision of the fully integrated airport at inter airport Europe 2019, 8-11 October, in Munich. Hall B5, Stand 1320