PU3L PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator, Halogen, ICAO

Key Features & Benefits

• The PU3L exist in three and two lamps versions.
• The unit is mounted in standard on three legs (mounting on four legs is possible).
• Only one lens to one lamp is necessary.
• Clear transition from white to red with value not exceeding 3 minutes.
• Excellent frangibility without sacrifice of any stability.
• Front glass protecting lenses against sand, wind and engine blast.
• Very easy site adjustment by using a clinometer (precision 1 minute).
• Design ensures very good water-tightness (IP54) and protection against corrosion.
• Easy maintenance: Replacement of main elements (lamps, front glass, lenses or reflectors) does not require either unit adjustment or any special tools.
• Very easy access to all components by removing the cover.
• Use of dichroic filters with high transmission factor and good thermal resistance.
• The units of a system could be, as an option, fitted with tilt switch sub-assembly devices.
• The units of a system could be, as an option, fitted with heating resistors for use in cold or wet areas.
• Light weight: less than 15kg.

Data Sheet: PU3L

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