F18 - Taxiway Edge, Halogen

A multi-functional, omni- and bidirectional transformer that provides both low and medium intensity light. Its versatile and portable design makes it a good choice for a variety of applications for airports with unique needs. 

Main Advantages
Unlike other light fittings which are of a specialised nature, the F18 design is extremely versatile to meet the demands of variety of systems such as:
• Small civil aerodromes used for seasonal transportation and oil or mining exploration/production.
• Section of civil airport during maintenance periods.
• Fixed or temporary military aerodromes or helipads.
• Owing to its simple and sturdy design this light forms the basic element of modular and portable lighting system.
• The F18 can be mounted by use of a stake or fixed onto concrete using a sealed rod. This will apply to either a paved or non-paved application for runway, taxiway or apron areas as well as offshore platforms.
• The F18 can fulfil various AFL functions such as: Approach lighting, Runway Edge/Threshold/End, Taxiway Edge, Apron Edge and Heliport TLOF.

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