REIL-L - Runway End Identification Light, LED, L-849(L) RTIL

Our newly redesigned second-generation LED REIL, which provides a visual indication to pilots of the runway threshold during an approach, is our most energy-efficient, most durable, and most versatile design yet. We have reduced the size of the flash head for styles A, C and E to a common PAR56 size flash head with only 12 LEDs, while maintaining industry-leading photometric quality. The new design delivers an improved energy efficiency to provide airports with reduced utility costs. The smaller design also has fewer and smaller components that reduce maintenance needs improving overall airport operating costs. The smaller PAR56 style flash head for styles A, C, and E can now be mounted remotely up to 100 ft from the control cabinet for enhanced versatility for airport installations.

Compared to xenon REILs, the LED REIL eliminates expensive xenon flash lamp replacement and provides improved safety due to very low voltage inside the system unlike the 2000 VDC found in xenon REILs.

The LED REIL can be powered by a voltage source or by a constant current regulator. It’s available as a high-intensity single-step light (L-849A) and a low-intensity single-step light (L-849C). The L-849C is recommended when there are lower levels of background illumination in the surrounding area. The third version is available in high, medium and low-intensity three-step lights (L-849E) and is recommended for intermittent use (such as being activated by radio control).


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