1 Channel PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator, Halogen, L-880 / L-881


The single channel PAPI system uses a one light channel unit to provide the pilot precise visual information enabling the approach procedure to be performed with the utmost accuracy and safety. The Type L-880 PAPI system consists of four light units located at the side of the runway adjacent to the origin of the glide path. The nominal glide slope angle is midway between the angular settings of the central pair of the four units. If an aircraft is on the correct approach path, the pilot will see two red and two white light indicators. If the aircraft approach is too high, an increased number of white light indicators will be seen. If the approach is too low, the pilot will note an increased number of red light indicators. The Type L-881 PAPI system is identical to the L-880, except only two light units (instead of four) are used. The nominal glide slope is midway between the angular settings of the two units, and when the pilot is on or close to the correct approach path, the unit nearest the runway will be seen as red and the other unit as white. The Style A system is for use with an AC voltage input. The Style B system is for use on 6.6A or 20A series circuits.


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