ALCMS Elite - Airfield Lighting Control System, PC Distributed, L-890, FAA

ADB SAFEGATE's Elite ALCMS provides state-of-the-art programmable intelligence for control and monitoring of airfield lighting circuits to meet FAA Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring System L-890XY. The ALCMS can automatically control and monitor stop bars or runway guard lights as part of a surface movement guidance and control system (SMGCS). In addition, the system can control and monitor Land and Hold Short systems (LAHSO) and can be customized to interface with constant current regulators (CCRs), generators, approach lighting, or other devices requiring remote control and/or monitoring. The system can also be used in remote deicing stations and remote air terminal applications. The Elite ALCMS is unmatched in performance, long-term reliability, and flexibility with many standard features and a wide range of innovative, cost-effective options.


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