Frangible Coupling

Frangible (breakaway) couplings have a calculated yield point designed for specific applications. For this reason, the coupling used must match the application for which it was designed. The use of couplings in applications outside of the intended design may result in premature or catastrophic failure. Most couplings, in combination with a clamping device or mechanism, provide both mechanical and electrical frangibility. This combination of protection minimizes potential damage to the unit itself and the object that strikes it.

When approach lighting fixtures need to be installed at a certain height to compensate for the unevenness of the ground, ICAO recommends that such mounting systems be light and frangible. Up to 1,8 m from ground level, a 60 mm O.D. aluminum conduit, supported in an MR/F2 breakable coupling is the recommended solution. For installation heights above 1,8 m, approach lighting fixtures are mounted on frangible safety approach masts, type SM/A. ADB SAFEGATE’s breakable couplings are corrosion-proof and UV resistant. Lightweight, yet sturdy, they are suitable for the most versatile mounting methods.


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