Masts, EXEL

Frangible Masts are lightweight, yet rigid structures that break or yield on impact, to minimize damage and maximize safety, and thus protect property and life in the event of a runway incursion. ADB SAFEGATE has a partnership with Exel Composites to analyze the geophysical structure of an airport and recommend customized installation of these ICAO- and FAA-compliant frangible airfield structures. The complete Exel Composites' portfolio includes support structures for approach lighting, ILS Localizer and Glide Path (GP) antennae, weather observation, and a wide array of airfield equipment. Exel also offers frangible fencing for airport perimeter or individual installations to restrict access to non-public areas. The structures are available in standard colors as prescribed - aviation yellow, FAA-Orange or ICAO-Red and White, while other colors are available on request.


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