SGRS-ALSRA - Airfield Lighting Switchgear Regulator Assembly

The SGRS-ALSRA is designed to provide airfield lighting power and control equipment in a compact, integrated switchgear style lineup. This includes constant current regulators, circuit selector switches, non-regulated control cells, incoming and power distribution cells, transformers and feeder cells, S1 cutout field isolation cells, Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS) interface cells and Surface Movement and Guidance Control (SMGCS) interface cells.

The ALSRA is a cost-effective alternative to conventional electrical vault installations. The ALSRA uses only a fraction of the vault floor space and provides a professional, uncluttered appearance in a configuration that is easy to maintain. Installation is simplified, minimizing the construction time and risk of disruption to airport operations. Any special site requirements can be accommodated.

  • Compact design uses up to 75% less space in the electrical vault.
  • Reduced field installation requirements and time.
  • Lower overall installed costs.
  • Factory tested to provide high system quality and reliability.
  • Single source responsibility provides integrated design, procurement, assembly and testing.

Freedom Series is a family of switchgear-style ferroresonant and thyristor CCRs, suitable for all airfield lighting applications and budgets.

The Freedom Series sets new standards in performance, ease of maintenance, and personnel safety, while providing the airport with the choice to configure each CCR to match specific control and monitoring requirements. Applications include

  • General aviation, commercial, and military airports operating in visibility conditions ranging from VFR to CAT IIIb.
  • Runway and taxiway edge lighting, centerline lighting, signs, approach systems, PAPI, VASIS.
  • Flashing loads including series-powered ALSF or SSALR strobes, ODALs, REILs, LAHSO, Runway Guard Lights.
  • Surface Movement and Guidance Control Systems (SMGCS) using power line carrier technology to control and monitor individual lamps or segments.

Thyristor (also known as SCR) type regulators are the most common type of CCR installed around the world, largely due to the low cost, high reliability and 40 years of field-proven experience. Thyristor-type CCRs can be used on any airfield circuit, however, ferroresonant CCRs are recommended for series circuits that have oscillating loads, where low output harmonic content is desired, or when used with power line carrier control technology.

Freedom Series - ALSRA CSS - Circuit Selector Switch

The Freedom Series Switchgear Style Circuit Selector Switch (CSS) was designed to complement our switchgear constant current regulators and is an integral component of our Airfield Lighting Switchgear Regulator Assembly (ALSRA). 

The Freedom Series L-847 Circuit Selector Switch is designed to switch the output of a 6.6 or 20A constant current regulator into one or more series lighting loops. Control can be from the CSS (local) or from a control and monitoring system (remote).

Freedom Series L-847 Circuit selectors may be individually mounted or integrated into a switchgear line-up assembly. They are designed for Class A Indoor applications. 

Freedom Series - Power Lift for SwitchGear Regulator System

The Freedom Series constant current regulators (CCRs) can be installed in an integrated switchgear lineup commonly referred to as an Airfield Lighting Switchgear Regulator Assembly (ALSRA). As part of the ALSRA, the regulators are equipped with rollout powerpack modules. These power modules can be racked out to the service position for ease of maintenance and routine service, or can be completely removed from the switchgear assembly.

The Freedom Series power lift has been designed to safely remove and install the powerpacks from the Switchgear regulators. The power lift is available in two versions; one designed for 24" wide switchgear enclosures, the other designed for 36" wide. The lift can accommodate both Ferroresonant powerpacks and Thyristor or SCR powerpacks.

The power lift allows a powerpack to be removed from the switchgear assembly and a spare powerpack to be quickly installed in the event of a problem. The lift also allows a larger or smaller powerpack to be purchased and installed in the event that circuit loading conditions change in the future.


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