LT8/LT9 - Constant Current Regulator, Thyristor, L-828 / L-829

The LT8-LT9 Thyristor Constant Current Regulator (CCR) was designed to provide an economical solution for powering airfield lighting series circuits at General Aviation and commercial airports. With powerful control and monitoring capabilities, it is also ideally suited for airports operating in CAT II or III conditions. The LT8-LT9 CCR uses the same proven hardware and firmware used in our Freedom Series CCR and is a result of forty years experience in airfield lighting power and control solutions.

Thyristor (also known as SCR) type regulators are the most common type of CCR installed around the world, largely due to the low cost, high reliability and years of field proven experience. Thyristor type CCRs can be used on any airfield circuit, however ferroresonant CCRs are recommended for series circuits that have oscillating loads.

Applications include:

• General aviation, commercial, and military airports operating in VFR to CAT IIIb visibility conditions.
• Runway and taxiway edge lighting, centerline lighting, signs, approach systems, PAPI, VASIS, LAHSO, Runway Guard Lights.
• Surface Movement and GuidanceControl Systems (SMGCS) using powerline carrier technology to control and monitor individual lamps or segments.


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