FLA - Field Lightning Arrestor

The FLA field lightning arrestor is used on airfield series circuits to further reduce the risk of lightning damage on the series circuit. It can be inserted at various points in the 5kV airfield primary series circuit to provide additional lightning protection. The lightning arrestor can be used on any airfield circuit (6.6A from 4kW to 30kW and 20A from 15kW to 70kW).

The Airfield Lighting Field Lightning Arrestor (FLA) is designed to help reduce the susceptibility of airfield series circuits to lightning strikes or surges. The FLA is designed to be installed at 600m (2000 ft) intervals in the 5KV airfield primary series circuit but can be installed at closer intervals as desired. Each FLA adds additional local protection against damage from lightning strikes reducing the risk of widespread damage in the fi eld and to equipment in the electrical vault. The FLA incorporates distribution class Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). When a voltage transient occurs, the impedance of the MOVs changes from a near open circuit to a highly conductive path to ground, clamping the voltage to a safe level to protect the equipment. After passage of the surge, the MOVs return to their initial state, conducting minimal leakage current.

Compatible with all types of L-828/L-829 CCRs, L-847 circuit selectors, incandescent and LED light fixtures and isolating transformers operating on 6.6A or 20A series circuits.


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