IDM 8000 - Constant Current Regulator, Thyristor

ADB SAFEGATE offers both the IDM 8000 and IDM 8001, which is a smaller size microprocessor-controlled thyristor CCR. Both are specifically designed for the supply and control of airport lighting series circuits.

• Powerful and reliable 16-bit microprocessor provides extensive monitoring functions and also the possibility for future upgrades. 
• Modular electrical design with plug-in electronic boards and the possibility to add options later on. 
• Space-saving, user and maintenance-friendly mechanical "slim-line" design. 4 hooks for lifting and moving.

Display functions
• Output current and voltage RMS-values. 
• Input voltage and frequency. 
• Lamp fault no and % of total lamps. 
• Earth fault value. 
• Actual power and load power factor. 
• Apparent power and % of full load value. 
• Cumulative energy consumption. 
• Thyristor element temperature. 
• Time and date. 
• 10 patch fault log with time and date labels. 
• Operating hour counters for all steps. 
• CCR/system information aux displays.


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