SGRS - Switchgear Regulator System, L-828 / L-829

The SGRS SwitchGear Regulator System is used to power an airport's airfield lighting circuits. The SGRS is a self-contained power distribution system that contains removable powerpacks that are designed to easily slide in and out of the SGRS power bays. ADB developed a state-of-the-art, self-aligning high-voltage/low-voltage stab connector that allows the powerpacks to be completely removed without having to manually disconnect any electrical connections. A specially designed hydraulic lift allows a single maintenance person to remove, repair or upgrade powerpacks sizes in a matter of minutes. This feature helps to reduce airport`s capital investments in spares parts, maintenance costs and costly upgrades. When the system arrives at the airport, electrical contractors can have the SGRS assembled and operational within a week. The compact design simplifies installation and dramatically reduces maintenance and overhead costs for airports.


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