SCDL - Simulated Carrier Deck Light, Inset 10" and 12", Halogen/LED, L-852N/L-852N(L)

The L-852N(L) / SCDL fixture provides visual guidance for simulated carrier deck landings and is manufactured to resist damage from aircraft tail hooks. Fixtures are available in LED and incandescent versions with the LED version more than twice as efficient as traditional 45 W unidirectional fixtures. Average LED life of uni- and bidirectional fixtures is 100,000 hours under high-intensity conditions and more than 200,000 hours under actual operating conditions, resulting in significant reduction or even elimination of ongoing maintenance costs and periodic re-lamping expenses.

Designed for runways that have a large percentage of landings by aircraft equipped with arresting hooks, the runway centerline fixtures — available in uni- and bidirectional configurations – have a narrow light channel and hardened stainless steel top cover to resist tail hook damage. The SCDL’s low protrusion above ground ( 0.375 inch) reduces vibrations caused by aircraft landing gear in both the light fixture and the landing gear. Protrusion is 25% lower than traditional L-852N (0.5 inch) fixtures.


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