DTH / DRE - RWSL Takeoff Hold Light (THL) and RWSL Runway Entrance Light (REL), Inset 8" and 12", L-850T(L) / L-852S(L)

DRE-LP/DTH-LP runway status lights feature innovative characteristics, including low protrusion with no negative slope and double protection for key elements of the fixture. The RWSL fixtures’ limited height above pavement of 6.3 mm (0.25 in) reduces the risk of damage during winter operations and reduces vibrations caused by aircraft landing gear, increasing fixture life and making the DRE-LP/DTH-LP ideal for runway entrance and take-off hold applications. And despite the low protrusion, no part of the prism is below ground level, avoiding loss of photometry during rainfall and sedimentation on the bottom of the prism. The innovative design of the cable entry allows replacement without the need to open the light, eliminating the risk of water leakage due to a pinched cable. The design also includes additional water-tightness barriers along the prism, protecting both the electronics and the LEDs from accidental water ingress. 


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