Cord Sets and Fixture Leads, L-823

The L-823 plugs and cable connectors are used for underground cable connections, isolation transformer leads and airport light fixture leads. The voltage drops across the contacts of a connected plug and connector does not exceed 7.5 millivolts for primary connectors or 6.0 millivolts for secondary connectors. The field-attached connector kits are resistant to direct sunlight and ozone. Both the pins and sockets are tin-plated for corrosion resistance.

Cable leads are available in the following variants- 1. Single-pole plugs and receptacles, 5kV, 25A used for connecting the primary cable to primary leads of the isolating transformer. 2. Two-pole plugs and receptacles, 600V, 20A used to connect the light to the secondary isolating transformer. They are factory molded on rubber-insulated, PCP sheathed flexible cable. 3. Factory molding on pre-cut cable lengths - The single and two-pole plugs and receptacles can be factory molded on cable lengths and customized. These pre-fabricated cable assemblies substantially reduce installation time and also provide superior quality and reliability with "in-field" joints.


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