Ramp Information Display System (RIDS)

ADB SAFEGATE’s Ramp Information Display System (RIDS) integrates with airline and airport systems to communicate real-time, critical flight information to flight and ground crew to support airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) on the apron.

When a Safedock T1 - Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System is not actively docking an aircraft, the A-VDGS offers complete RIDS functionality, saving you the investment in a separate system and improving communication at the gate to enhance safety and performance.

RIDS information is sent to the Safedock display via an automatic feed from a connected system or as free text entered from a AiPRON Manager work station. Full-color high resolution RIDS functionality is available with the Safedock X and Safedock FleX. RIDS is also available with the Safedock T-series.  Specifications can be downloaded below.  

RIDS communication can include:

  • Aircraft type
  • Flight/code share number
  • Registration number
  • Updated arrival/departure times (e.g. ETA/EIBT,ETD/TOBT/TSAT)
  • Arrival/departure countdown
  • Origin/destination
  • Meteorological information
  • Fuel load
  • Baggage information
  • Other connected systems
  • Free text
  • Other flight information available in the system

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