Safedock FleX - Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System

Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) provide active guidance to pilots to support safe, efficient, and precise automated aircraft parking during virtually all operating conditions.

Automation creates a safer operation by reducing the opportunity for error, and speeds up the docking process. Aircraft are parked faster in all kinds of weather conditions, fuel burn and emissions are reduced and ground crew can focus on preparing the aircraft for departure.

ADB SAFEGATE's Safedock FleX is a new generation A-VDGS and our latest offering within the Safedock family. It is built on the same technical platform as Safedock X, with advanced functions from our previous Safedock models. The Safedock FleX is modular in terms of features to fit our customers’ unique needs and budgets. [func-read-more]

The Safedock FleX offers expanded situational awareness with a full-color display that is available in two sizes, and a new operator panel Fixed Operator Panel Light (FOP-L). The system brings relevant information to pilots and ground personnel in support of A-CDM to enhance efficiency during the aircraft turn process.

The modular design of the FleX offers a separate scanning unit and pilot display for greater flexibility in mounting to support tight parking positions and optimize views for pilots and ground crew. A wide scanning area accommodates complex gate layouts and allows centerline changes without repositioning the A-VDGS.

Safedock FleX uses ADB SAFEGATE's proven infrared laser and 3D scanning technology to actively scan the gate area both vertically and horizontally to capture and track aircraft. The unique ability to scan a volume at the stand in 3 dimensions, allows the A-VDGS to measure parts of the aircraft on either side of the centerline to verify the dimensions criteria of the incoming plane in relation to what is expected.

Our proprietary 3D technology has become the global standard in making automated aircraft parking possible by:

  • ensuring aircraft/gate compatibility,

  • enabling safe docking in low visibility,

  • and, accommodating virtually all gate layouts.

To enable fully-automated docking, the Safedock A-VDGS are integrated with airport and airline systems, via AiPRON Manager, to access flight information such as arrival time, the scheduled aircraft type and adjacent gate rules. Safedock FleX is a network integrated A-VDGS offering full integration possibilities with AiPRON Manager capacities for more efficient operations.

Together with AiPRON Manager, Safedock FleX supports intelligent apron management for safe, fast and predictable aircraft turns.


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