DECLOS - Digital Departure Clearance System

Discontinued Product

Discontinued Product: DECLOS - Digital Departure Clearance System

Enhance your efficiency with Automated Departure Clearance

Conventional procedures to deliver departure clearances are based on voice communication consisting of multiple read and read-back sequences to verify clearance reception. This requires dedicated manpower and frequency capacity, especially during peak hours where many flight crews simultaneously request their departure clearance. The expected expansion of air traffic will add to the workload and frequency congestion.

DECLOS – as a part of ADB SAFEGATE Tower ATM package – provides Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and Airlines with the option of retrieving a pre-departure clearance using the on-board data link equipment. DECLOS is based on the EUROCAE ED-85A standard for communication. Pre-departure clearances are transmitted automatically negating the need for any further ATCO action or communication. Implementing DECLOS is therefore an important step in the effort to reduce frequency congestion.

Key Features

  • Complies strictly with EUROCAE standard ED-85A
  • Can be used with data link providers such as ARINC and SITA, or both simultaneously
  • Other data link technologies can be easily integrated
  • Can easily be adapted for local ANSP procedures
  • A simple list-based HMI is available that can be used as a front-end if there is no Electronic Flight Strip System available
  • Supports XML messages to support simple integration into existing tower automation systems
  • Departure clearances are given automatically – no controller interaction is required
  • Can also be operated in “manual mode” if required


  • DCL eliminates the risk of misunderstandings between controller and pilot, providing a safer and more efficient service
  • Controller workload is reduced as DCL requests can be handled and processed fully automatically or by a simple single button-click in manual mode.
  • Flight preparations are made easier, as a pilot can request a clearance and continue to prepare a flight rather than monitor the ATC frequency
  • The DCL data link will significantly reduce the congestion of ATC tower frequency, which is particularly relevant at busy airports

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