OneControl Air - Air Situation Display

Safe management of air traffic in approach and enroute with surveillance solutions

OneControl Air, part of ADB SAFEGATE’s OneControl Platform, is a highly configurable and scalable air situation display, providing all the surveillance, flight plan and safety functionality that air traffic controllers need in their daily work.

Key Features

  • Open and modular architecture
  • Scalable to support all types of ATC units – ACC, APP and tower units
  • Data fusion and tracking module, including sophisticated algorithms for high-quality surveillance performance
  • Flight data exchange with external ATM system or via AFTN
  • State-of-the-art safety net features including STCA, MSAW, APM and APW
  • Highly configurable user interface to meet the demands of different user groups
  • Can be integrated with other ADB SAFEGATE solutions, for example connected to OneControl E-Strips or as a part of OneControl ICWP.


  • Meets all requirements of small to medium sized approach and en-route centers as well as tower units
  • Limited local dependency allows for cost-effective and timely installation
  • Links via standard data exchange to external units allow coordination independently of the neighbor’s infrastructure
  • Intuitive user interface reduces the need for training.

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